Tips to Increase Your Productivity Drastically

We only have 24 hours in a day, and making the most out of them is important. We often start procrastinating and don’t focus on the work we’re supposed to focus on. Especially if you have a website/blog, you’ll find that you spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc such sites, than working. Today we’ve brought up a solution for increasing your productivity.

Take breaks

It might sound a little weird, but taking breaks actually gives a very good improvement to your productivity. After 60 minutes of work, you should take a break of at least 15 minutes and do some stuff like walking a bit, having some snack, taking fresh air.

After 4 hours of continuous work, you can give yourself a break of 1 hour. Tip: In the break time you can entertain yourself by watching some movies or TV shows. Showbox App is a great when it comes to free entertainment. Read more »

10 Ways You Can Promote Your New Site

According to a survey carried out by Netcraft, as of December 2009 there were approximately 233.8 million websites available on the world wide web. I know what you’re thinking… that’s a lot of sites. And indeed it is. If you have just created a site, you will probably want to know what you can do to get it noticed. The answer lies in promoting your website. Below are 10 good tips which will help you get started. Read more »

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid by Bloggers

Day by day SEO techniques are changing and the very big problem is that most of the bloggers are not aware from the common SEO mistakes. First they must know what they are doing wrong, so they can avoid doing that to automatically get higher ranks in the search engines. If you are not aware with most common SEO blunders you do, then read about them below. Read more »

How To Point Custom Domain To Blogger Blogspot

In this Techy era, blogging has become a common task. Most of us blog about out favourite topics on internet. And Google’s blogger is a common tool to start your own blog free of cost. So when you have a lot of traffic then purchasing a custom domain becomes a next step. Here with us today you will learn how to point custom domain to blogger BlogSpot. 
What Is a Custom DomainFirst of all, let’s start about talking custom domain. Each website has an IP address like we have our names. With Ip address, a browser knows that where it will get the required resource. But it is difficult to learn and input IP address all the time. So to do that Domain name is used which is in human readable form. And that domain name points to the IP address of that resource. 

When you start a blog in then your blog’s address is like This says that xyz belongs to Google’s Blogger. To make it completely yours, you buy a domain name so that your visitors can reach to your website by simply typing
How To Point Custom Domain To Blogger BlogspotNow after purchasing the domain name it’s time to connect it with your blogger.
Step 1 Read more »

How To link Domain Name To a Hosting

In today’s world everyone is trying to scale up their business by bringing it online or start some other kind of website. For setting up a stand alone website, you need a Domain name, which will be your site’s address, like and a hosting, where your site will reside. Hosting is like renting some space on someone’s disk in any part of world where all your website’s data will be stored. You should buy a domain from a trustworthy and cheap domain providers and also choose the hosting carefully. The one which can handle your expected traffic and stays up all the time. Read more »